For My Viewing Pleasure

I have no problems with the plots or acting of most of the television and movies that I have watched.
My problems spring from technicalities that make it difficult for me to know what is going on.
First, when a scene takes place in a darkened room or at night, I usually cannot tell what is happening. Someone gets shot, but who? If the characters can see, I want to see also. So, lighten up the scene so I can see what they see. I just watched the Captain Marvel movie where much of the fighting was done in the dark. I seldom could tell who was winning until a later daylight scene.
Westerns from the 40s simply shot action in daylight and simply darkened it a bit to give us a nighttime scene. The reverse would work for me in shows today.
Second, if a character gets a note or a report and acts on it, we often get a glimpse of it–but not clearly or long enough for us to read it. Perhaps they could do a voiceover of the person who wrote the note or enlarge the report for us hapless viewers.
Third, if a person is in a foreign country speaking that nation’s language other than English, don’t bother to make them speak in an accent. In real life they wouldn’t be speaking English with a foreign accent. If the makers want us to understand, just have them speak in plain unaccented English or at least give us subtitles. If a foreigner is speaking English, say, in the U.S., it would be natural for him or her to speak in an accent, because they would be doing that in real life. By the way, British English and American English are quickly becoming separate languages.
And fourth, I see a problem in films and in audiobooks. The narrator or actor does not allow us to hear the last word in a sentence. The voice often fades out nearly COMPLETELY. Please teach your actors and narrators to enunciate all the words, and at the same volume throughout.
And, finally when I am watching something on TV with my wife, we often look at one another, saying, “What was that?” We can easily rewind to try to figure what we missed. When I go to the movies, I want a clicker so I can rewind at my leisure.

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