It’s MY poem

To a teacher who said my poem’s rhyme was out of kilter in one place, (which it was):
You criticize my work of art
A privilege free for all.
But say my rhyme scheme falls apart
And you’re beyond your call.
A critic, brilliant though you be,
With great poetic spirit,
You set no law ensnaring me
Don’t speak, I just won’t hear it.
And so I’ll say it one more time
And please–remain on friendly terms
My poem doesn’t have to rhyme
If I don’t want it to.

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1 Response to It’s MY poem

  1. Blues Brother Dave says:

    Couldn’t help but chuckle. Just below “just won’t hear it” are two ads, 4 signs your heart is quietly failing you and if you have ear ringing do this immediately. While ringing in the new year, I’m tempted to tap the second and see if it rhymes or not. Oh no, I may have the Kilter Teacher after me.

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