The Kissing Bandit

The kissing bandit he was called.
He’d take the teeth of any man.
He’d rob and plunder any town
Yet kiss the ladies on the hand.

The sheriff chased him there and yon
That quicksand frame, that mind of quartz.
He’d steal the sheriff’s very badge
But only steal the women’s hearts.

They had to catch him while he slept.
At trial he smiled from mouth and eye.
And when his hour came at last,
He slowly sauntered out to die.

They walked him to the tower green
The priest came forth and Sam was blessed.
The sheriff said, “Before you die,
Do you have any last request?”

Sam smiled his last, no humor now.
He only said, “Untie my hands.”
Then Sheriff pulling out a knife,
Complied with his demand.

He pulled the cord and Sam went down
While men folk cheered and ladies cried.
Sam drew his hand up to his lips
And blew a kiss, then died.

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